Software Development

Advanced software development from embedded devices, desktop, AI/ML, or distributed micro services.

Omnitech Electronics has completed dozens of software design and development packages for a variety of customers and as applications for our own products. Our software design services are offered on flexible terms intended to match the requirements of each client.

Omnitech Electronics' developers work efficiently in several software development platforms and often adapt the software to match a development language, platform, IDE and/or operating system of the client's choice. Our standard languages, development environments and operating systems including, C, C++, Qt, Python, Rust, RISC assembly, Verilog, Linux, FreeRTOS, Windows, LabVIEW, Matlab, and more.

Example Software Applications include:

  • Control Systems and User Interfaces
  • Data Processing and Classification
  • Scientific Data Analysis
  • Automated Test and Measurement
  • Report Generation
  • Real-time Data Visualization
  • Embedded DSP and FPGA co-processing
  • Advanced Microcontroller Firmware