LDHA-2523 - Low-cost Hydrophone Array

Part Number: LDHA-2523

LDHA-2523 is a rugged, bottom-lay, passive acoustic line array with 32 (or 48) digital hydrophones.  The hydrophones are evenly spaced by 1.5 m along the array cable and are simultaneously sampled with a bandwidth of 10 - 1400 Hz. Gain is software selectable from 20 - 90 dB in 10 dB steps.  This array consumes less than 3 W of power while maintaining an input referenced noise level well below Sea State 0.

Concept of Operation

The LDHA-2523, connects to an Array Receiver (AR) which converts the electrical array data to a fiber optic cable link that runs to an Array Receiver Controller (ARC).  The ARC is selected based on the end-user operational requirement and is available as an RF surface buoy, shore station, or ship-board interface.  Two arrays can be deployed in the coverage area and connected to the same operator station for wide-area tracking and detection.  The system is small, light-weight and deployable from a small craft. The array sends data over a standard Ethernet link. For real-time monitoring operations, Omnitech Electronics can provide customers with sonar operator software or array data can be integrated into existing software packages.  The ARC can also be configured for battery -perated autonomous detection and continuous acoustic recording.


The LDHA hydrophones contain integrated digitization and communication electronics and acoustic sensor.  The hydrophones are wired to the array cable and over-molded with the same thermal plastic urethane as the cable jacket resulting in a continuous, abrasion resistance design. Each hydrophone contains a 3-axis orientation sensor with magnetic and acceleration readings that can be used to determine the deployed array shape to assist with array calibration and beam-foaming.

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