DASA-2591 - Circular Acoustic Surveillance Array

Part Number: DASA-2591

DASA-2591 is a pass acoustic array originally designed for the detection and tracking of North Atlantic Right Whales (NARW) in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.
The array is built on Omnitech Electronic' Digital Acoustic Surveillance Array (DASA) platform and has 20 low-frequency (5 Hz - 5 kHz) digital hydrophones, 4 high-frequency hydrophones (up to 100 kHz), and a depth-temperature sensor.

The low-frequency hydrophones are equally spaced around a single array cable. When affixed to the deployment structure, the array forms a 20 m diameter circular array with an acoustic at aperture matching the primary call frequencies of NARWs.

Test Deployments

The DASA-2591 can be battery powered from modular battery packs for up to 3 months of continuous operation and recording and this deployment duration can be extended using programmable sampling and recording intervals.

Shore Connected

Ultimately the DASA-2591 systems are designed to be tethered to a shore station through a powered fiber optic powered. Each system can send real-time acoustic data to a processing and data storage system onshore.

Off-the-Shelf, Proven, Components

The original DASA-2591 arrays were designed, manufactured, tested and delivered in under four months; just in time for the next right whale migration season. The compressed design cycle is possible by building new systems with modular components used across other DASA products and through partnerships with the strong group of Ocean Technology companies in Atlantic Canada.

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