Underwater Sensor Arrays

Omnitech Electronics has designed and manufactured custom and off-the-shelf underwater array systems for a wide range of researchers, integrators, and defence customers. All of our products or past projects can be custom-tailored to best match any design specification, sensor requirement, or use case.

Advanced, high-performance sensors paired with ultra low-power electronics form the core backbone of our array technologies. Omnitech Electronics' array systems are ideal for power sensitive applications such as remote locations, battery-powered deployments, and autonomous systems. Arrays can have one or more sensor types distributed in any geometry including passive hydrophones, magnetometers, and electric field sensors. Most sensors include subsampled auxiliary channels for diagnostic and environmental data.

A list of current array systems:

DARU-2330 Digital Acoustic Recording Unit
1000 m long. 64 hydrophones, bottom-laid, battery-powered, passive acoustic recording array
DARU-2515 Deep-water Acoustic Recording Unit
500 m long. 64 hydrophones, deep-water autonomous recording unit
DASA-2507 Digital Acoustic Surveillance Arrays
1600 m long. 96 hydrophones, bottom-laid passive acoustic array
DASA-2591 Circular Acoustic Surveillance Array
20 m diameter circular array. 20 low-frequency and 4 high-frequency, hydrophones
LDHA-2523 Low-cost Hydrophone Array
low cost, 48 hydrophones, shallow water acoustic array
PASS-2447 Passive Acoustic Surveillance System
multi-aperture, 64 hydrophones, shore-connected acoustic array
TURNS-2387 Transportable Underwater Range for Naval Signatures
Portable magnetic signature measurement system