Form-Fit-Functional Equipment

Updated and upgraded drop-in replacement equipment designed to extend service life and logistics support

Form, Fit and Functional (FFF) replacement products are designed to replace and/or improve an existing product as a drop-in replacement when the original product is no longer available and/or no longer meets updated requirements, safety standards or performance specifications.

Governments, Defense Organizations and Industries with large investments in infrastructure and assets often service and maintain equipment beyond the original manufacturer’s product life cycle. In some cases the product's original manufacturer no longer supports the product or no longer exists. In other cases, components used in the original designs are no longer available and replacement products cannot be made to the original design.

For Omnitech Electronic' FFF design service, our engineers will design a new product that carefully matches the form and function of the original. The new design is guaranteed to function as a drop-in replacement without modifications to existing infrastructure or interface electronics. In many cases, Omnitech Electronic can add improvements to function, features and reliability over the original with little impact on unit cost.

Omnitech Electronic has provided FFF products for the Halifax Class Frigates, the Victoria Class Submarines, and others. We have experience with a wide variety of equipment interfaces, quality control, test and manufacturing standards.